BS Electrical & Instrumentation Projects (Pty) Ltd 

BS Electrical & Instrumentation Projects (Pty) Ltd 

BS Electrical & Instrumentation Projects (Pty) Ltd 


We are Committed to

Health, Safety & Environment

We are Serious about Protecting Our Employees, the Environment & All Property……

BS Electrical & Instrumentation is committed to ensuring a safe and healthful workplace and protecting the environment.

We believe that safety and protecting the environment is good business and that all work-related injuries, illnesses, property losses and adverse environmental impacts are preventable.

We are the best in the Industry…

BS Electrical and Instrumentation Projects (Pty) Ltd

BS E&I is founded on a sound business principles, professionally equipped to supply and contract in the South African (and abroad), construction market. Our target markets are mostly medium to heavy construction in the mining projects, plants, petrochem industries, solar energy projects, power stations, water treatment projects, e.t.c.In administrative and specialized technical fields, we also supply with knowledge based and well experienced staff.. Site managers, supervision, artisans and well experienced semi artisans.



BS Electrical

  • Switchgear and motor control centre installations
  • Installation of cable rack, perforated type cable trays and mesh wire type cable racks
  • Installation of conduits, pvc, trunking and power skerting
  • Installation of backup power supply units i.e : generators and UPS
  • Installation of industrial and commercial solar equipment.

Commissioning of solar plant equipment.

  • Solar plant maintenance procurement and delivery on site of solar equipment and accessories.
  • Installation of stands, brackets and steel works for electrical equipment and cables
  • Installation of distribution boards and boxes for industrial and residential purposes.
  • Installation of lighting and poles*loop testing for all new and existing electric circuits
  • We do all electrical equipment installation you name it we install
  • We do installation of mining electrical equipment
  • We do industrial and domestic electrical installations
  • C.O.C is provided by our quality team.



BS Instrumentation

  • Instrument cable installation and terminations
  • Instrumentation cable supporting material installations
  • Perforated type cable trays and other ranges
  • Instrument general maintenance
  • installations and removal services
  • Installation of instrument transmitters
  • Integrated electronics and remote electronics
  • Installation of machinery monitoring systems
  • Installation of wide ranges of instruments and cabling them
  • Installation of field push button station
  • Installation of temperature probes, sensors and switches
  • Instrument plant modification loop testing
  • Mining & Mining Infrastructure
  • Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas
  • Energy Generation (in particular renewable energy)
  • Building & construction
  • Transformer, Switchgear & motor control center installation
  • MCC, PLC & Field Panels Installations.
  • Installation of various Instruments as well as various types of nuclea level transmitters e.t.c
  • Control system & Electrical field device installation
  • Field instrumentation installation
  • Commissioning assistance

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